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Creative Process

This blog will follow the process of my current project: a series of three 5' x 9' figure paintings called "The Feast of Venus". I'll be posting the preliminary drawings and oil sketches as I complete them, and possibly add some commentary along the way. I have just begun this project and am working on the first painting in the series which has the working title "Stirring the Pot". All images on this blog are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without permission.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The oil is a detail of the figure on the left from the study of three women I've been working on- I think I'll start calling her "the salter". I worked on this figure yesterday and after working for hours, painting and repainting the head this is where I ended up. As you can see I pretty much wiped out, or, to use a euphemism, "remassed it". I posted this image last night and then took it down because I was so unhappy about it.

So today, instead of spending another day in frustration trying to paint the features out of my imagination, I decided to do a study on paper using myself as a model. Modeling involved setting up three mirrors so that I could draw myself without having the eyes looking straight out at the canvas. It wasn't easy to set up the mirrors; I would have given up in frustration if Tom, my husband and fellow artist, hadn't come along and helped. Also, looking at myself in a raking light, with no makeup and my hair pulled back in an unflattering way was a shock to the system. But I put those dreary thoughts aside, drew for four or five hours and was pretty happy with the result. In fact I forgot all about my looks so happy was I to be drawing in a good light with a model I didn't have to chat with- or pay!


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