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Creative Process

This blog will follow the process of my current project: a series of three 5' x 9' figure paintings called "The Feast of Venus". I'll be posting the preliminary drawings and oil sketches as I complete them, and possibly add some commentary along the way. I have just begun this project and am working on the first painting in the series which has the working title "Stirring the Pot". All images on this blog are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without permission.

Monday, January 14, 2008

This is the new idea for the three cooks. A few weeks ago I was invited to a wassail/house- warming party by a friend who loves to cook. Her new kitchen has a cooktop on an island and she had a big pot of wassail brewing when I arrived. Pay dirt. I spent the evening watching her stir the pot and chat while everybody at the party tasted and made suggestions. The next day I knocked out the little scribble on the bottom; a few days later I took the idea further with the sketch below. The new composition feels right; this is the one.


Anonymous canvas wall art said...

its going to be a really good piece :)

10:21 PM  

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